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Let Your Computer Be More – Hire Us to Enjoy Increased Performance

A slow computer, a laptop with a broken screen, a printer that does everything but print. These are all computer related problems which we all face every once in a while. In Acacia Gardens, Advance Computer is the provider of reputed on-site laptop, computer and desktop repairing and replacement services. While we repair what can be repaired, we provide replacement for the parts that cannot. For the best Laptop Repair Services in Acacia Gardens, get in touch with us instead of another shop, because we provide more.

Laptop Repair Services in Acacia Gardens – The Services We Offer

  • On-site computer repairs and diagnostics of both your laptop and desktop. These repairs can go a long way in keeping your device healthy for a long time to come.
  • Replacement for individual parts of your device such as a laptop screen. A broken or damaged screen is pretty common. Get it replaced from us today.
  • Malfunctioning printers and scanners? We are not just providers of onsite Computer Repair in Acacia Gardens, we can repair these additional devices as well.
  • Optimizing computer performance to unleash the device’s true potential. Without effective optimization, your laptop or desktop will never work the way it was meant to.

Why Choose Advance Computer?

  • No shop in Parklea provides on-site services throughout the week, but that’s exactly what we do.
  • We respond to our customers in a very prompt fashion. Expect the least amount of delays when you choose Advance Computer.
  • A warranty coverage of 3 months is provided by us on all repairs. In case our repairing work is undone within 3 months and some more problems show up, we can go again, without you having to pay a single penny.
  • Pay for the Computer Repair in Acacia Gardens from Advance Computer only if it solves the problems you are facing.

For the best Laptop Repair Services in Acacia Gardens get in touch with us on 0429 997 999 or send us an e-mail at

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